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Update: Oct 2010 FYI, I’ve since changed jobs and I’m no longer conducting training. 

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If you are or would be interested in training on the Open Source web testing tool called Selenium please leave a comment or contact me and let me know some specifics about what type of training you’re looking for. I’m focused on .NET development and would be looking at covering Selenium from a .NET perspective.

4 thoughts on “Selenium Training

  1. Hi Steven,
    We have a Web Application. We need to use Automate testing tool. We have decided to use Selenium RC for IE Browsers.
    I want to step by step approach to run a selenium script in IE Browser.
    I need to start the servcie permantely. I write to window service.
    Can u give sample test project and explanation for .net Selenium Test Project.
    Because our Application in .net 2008 & framework 3.5.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I need to have Free Demo. I can’t pay Can u give me sample Selenium RC Demo Or Sample Project.
    Step b step approach it would be useful forme.
    Configuration steps how to run selenium scripts in Other Browsers eg: IE 6:0,IE7.0,IE8.0
    Thanks & Regards
    Meenatchi Sundaram .S

  3. Hi Steve ..
    I am using selenium IDE to record n run the test cases. But the problem I am facing that I am stuck at one point when running the recorded test case.. It is to select a radio button and the error I am getting is .. I have also changed the command from ‘click’ to ‘clickandwait’, but its not working.
    Please Advise…

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