Screenshots on the iPod Touch and other enhancements in v2.0

iPod Touch screen shot feature in v2.0

With the release of v2.0 firmware for the iPhone/iPod Touch Apple added a much needed feature which is the ability to take screenshots. If you hold the home button down and press and release the power button the screen will blank out for a split second giving the illusion of a photo being taken, a very nice touch. The screenshot is stored in your photos and easily accessible. When you reconnect to Windows you’ll first see this prompt:

Windows AutoPlay dialog for importing iPod Touch pictures

If you select the highlighted option you’ll see the following prompt:

Vista’s Importing Pictures and Video dialog

Which will allow you to quickly grab these screenshots for use in things like blog posts.  🙂

Keyboard Improvements

There are a number of other nice features in the v2.0 firmware like this minor but super useful change in keyboard layout (below left). Notice the spacebar is 1/3 size and the @ symbol and the period are provided for things like email addresses. The screenshot on the right illustrates the new password handling where the last character that you typed stays on screen for a second before switching to a dot which makes it easier to correctly enter passwords (notice the spacebar in this case is full size).

image   image