Screenshots of Delphi vNext available

Marco Cantu and Bob Swart both have posted screenshots of the next release of Delphi to their blogs. Marco mentions that he got an email from CodeGear with the bitmap and related information.

I really like this idea of recognizing these indviduals as significant contributors to the Delphi community and sharing some of the attention related to this upcoming release.

Go CodeGear!

4 thoughts on “Screenshots of Delphi vNext available

  1. They are our Oracle Priests 😉 The screenshots are really nice.. really nice.. :-).. I wish I could see if the upcomming Delphi will have it’s icons renewed… vista compatible.. shadowed and with better resolution… I see I must wait for another screen shot this couple of next months.. 😉

  2. Stange way to promote a product… the screenshots should have appeared on Codegear web site, under a full article about the upcoming releases. There hasn’t been anything new there since January 11. Or do you believe any "prospect" customer knows about Bob and Marco? Where is you PR VP? Skiing in Aspen? Playing golf in Australia? Surfing in Hawaii? Shut her down in a room and let her out only when a real marketing campaign has been developed.
    Really, you’ll never learn how to sell a product.

  3. Great news! I would like to see a real compiled demo 😉 Frankly, I hope Delphi2007 can be fully vista compatible: Thumbnail on taskbar, themed tooltips (not the light yellow rect), etc.

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