Screencast of Windows Test Automation of the BDS IDE

Thanks to Product Management I’ve been allowed to post a Flash movie of our one of our R&D smoke test suites running against an internal build of Highlander (vNext of BDS). The suite is rather simple but  exercises a number of critical sub-systems in the IDE and provides a broad pass at many of the different product areas.

Basically, the test suite covers the following:

  1. Create a new project (13 project types in all are tested in this particular suite)
  2. If the project has a designer toggle to the code editor dirty the file and toggle back to the designer
  3. Project | Build All
  4. File | Save All
  5. File | Close All
  6. File | Reopen | First project in the list
  7. Project | Build All
  8. File | Close All and return to step 1 for the next project type

The test suite itself, as well as the testing framework (Zombie), is entirely written in Delphi. Zombie tests are written as console applications and the output appearing at the bottom of the screen is from our TTestManager class which drives test execution. Errors output by the TestManager are MSBuild friendly so if an error were to occur it would be flagged in red in the console window and cause MSBuild to report a failure which eventually trickles back to R&D via the CruiseControl tray application.

Sorry in advance but I won’t be entertaining questions related to Highlander, it’s release date, feature set or anything else for that matter as it’s currently under development. For more information I’d refer you to the publicly available roadmap.

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  1. Great ! I have seen the movie… my only question is (call me ignorant) is how do you managed to make this zombie control de mouse for all tests.. was it recording mouse movements and then aplying them as a macro does ???

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