Scotts Valley Unified School District Communications FAQ


The following questions pertain to the Scotts Valley Unified School District and concerns centered around communication between the District leadership, teachers, the Board of Trustees and parents.

Where can the public get information on district finances?

The school district provides access to financial information in electronic form on their website here and here. Additionally, budget information is also available at the district office where you can review printed copies of the budget.

Can finances be compared to other districts?

Yes. Ed-Data provides extensive tools for comparing school districts.

How can information on bond or parcel measures get out to the public?

Does the public realize that bond and parcel money stays in community?

How can we reach more people, especially those outside the District’s contact list? 

The District maintains an email list that’s largely directed towards parents of students and thus the list does not have broad community wide reach. Perhaps a general mailing list could be created and for more details the District office should be consulted.

Have we considered using Facebook to get wider distribution of content posted on the district website?

Here is one such Facebook group.

Have we considered making short (1 minute) info videos that can be posted on the District website and then uploaded / distributed via Facebook and Youtube?

Yes. While the idea has existed for awhile as of May 31, 2010 no videos have been recorded.

Can we use parking lot banners to advertise for donations?

Yes, this is now being used widely across the district by both SVEF and site specific PTA’s.

Is the information posted on the District website accurate?

Questions regarding the accuracy of the information presented on the district website should be directed to the appropriate personal at the district office. The phone number for the district is (831) 438-1820.