Scotts Valley Unified School District Bond Measure FAQ

As of August 2010 there is no school related bond measure under consideration for Scotts Valley. The following questions largely pertain to issues raised from the failed Measure Q bond from 2008.

What’s the difference between a bond and a parcel tax?

Definition of a Bond Measure
Definition of a Parcel Tax

Why can’t bond money be used for salaries?

Why can’t seniors ‘opt out’ of a bond measure?

Why can’t SVMS be sold to pay for a new middle school?

What are the costs to house the students while a new SVMS is built on the same site?

Without funds to build a new school this simple isn’t an option. Since the failure of Measure Q there are no available funds for such a project.

Don’t we need a demographic study to show what size facilities we should include in a bond?

What’s the difference between stick built and prefab?

Why can’t SVMS buy existing buildings and use them for a facility?

Why can’t the elementary sites go to K-6 and 7-8 go to the SVHS campus?

What are the differences in the building programs available today?


Construction Management/General Contractor


Lease/Lease Back

What would be the cost of internal furnishings for SVMS? Would that be included in the bond?

Can you carve out the areas of senior population to help the bond pass?

There are currently no bond measures under consideration however, the question is equally valid for a parcel tax. Education on the issues and the challenges faced by the district is the best option for rallying support in any group throughout Scotts Valley.

Can the length of years of bond repayment be lessened? What is the cost differential?

How long between the passage of a bond until move in?

Would the board consider attempting both a bond and parcel tax together (same ballot)?

What kind of savings will happen with new facilities (SVMS and elementary classrooms)?

What would be the cost savings in operating costs between the old SVMS and a new one?

Will a bond measure provide clear information as to what the money will be used for?