Ruby IDE public beta test available from CodeGear

The JBuilder team is hard at work on building an IDE for Ruby which is now available for beta testing. You’ll need to create a CodeGear Developer Network account to join though it’s pretty easy as those things go. Joe McGlynn is the Product Manager and he’s got a lot of good content on his blog related to Ruby so be sure to check it out. The official press release is available here.

Here is a list of key features:

  • A complete IDE with full support
    for Ruby and Rails, enabling advanced development features such as Code
    Completion, Refactoring, type browsing and navigation
  • Innovative new “Commanders” that uniquely merge the power of
    the command line with the ease of use and productivity of the IDE,
    Wizards and Code Insights
  • Dependency visualization and navigation to seamlessly work
    with all resources regardless of their relationship, location or format
  • A full set of development and deployment modules including Ruby, Rails, Gems and Database

[Updated: May 23, 2007] Change CodeCentral -> Developer Network. I used the wrong name.