Review of iPhone v2.0 applications

I’m going to use this post to rate the iPhone/iPod Touch applications I’ve tried using a one to five rating. In alphabetical order:

  • Apple’s Remote 
    I think this is a great little app.
  • Banner 
    Cool scrolling LED sign app, free but missing a number of key features like scroll speed, color etc. still cool
  • Bloomberg 
    Ignore’s accelerometer so no wide screen reading. I think I like the white text on black but we’ll see. Portfolio tracking could be a bit better but hey, it’s free!
  • BofA Banking App –
    It’s just their web site in an app
  • Facebook –  
    The update-to-date address book alone is awesome
  • Google’s Mobile App
    Like BofA there are just a bunch of links to web apps. I’ll have to play more with the search capabilities to see how those improve on the web version.
  • NY Times –
    Seems pretty slow, though nice to have.
  • Pandora – (added July 13, 2008)
    Radio comes to the Touch!
  • Tap Tap Revenge – (added July 16, 2008)
    I can’t stop laughing when the dots start streaming down faster than my reflexes can handle!!
  • Where
    For the longest time it displayed the large red “W” then returned to the home screen. IOW, it did nothing. I think their servers are probably getting pounded as just browsing to is very slow or times out. It’s working now though only in pieces but I can see there is a ton of stuff to look at. I’m not sure I like bubble selector at the bottom.

What apps are you liking?