Resources for converting from Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) to Borland's Delphi

In light of the recent developments surrounding the end of
Mainstream support for Visual Basic
I’ve decided to add this entry to my
blog so I can list resources for developers looking to convert from VB to Delphi. I’ll keep this entry
“open” so that as I find things or as people point them out to me I’ll add them
here. To kick things off I’ll name a few of the features in the IDE that were
designed to make it easier for any Visual Basic/Visual Studio developer to start
using Delphi.

  • Probably the most important would be the VB
    which you can set from the Editor Options page of the
    Tools|Options dialog.
  • Next, is the Visual Studio syntax highlighting colors (also available from
    the Tools|Options dialog)
  • Delphi 7 and later also have Object Inspector (Properties window) color
    settings that match Visual Studio which you can select from the Tools|Options
  • Delphi also has a set of “VB-like” functions available in the StrUtils.pas
    file including things like LeftStr, RightStr, MidStr and several others.

Here are a few more resources:

Ok, that gets us started. If you have more suggestions
please leave a comment and I’ll add things to this entry as necessary.

Updated March 28, 2006:

Removed the link to Delphi
wiki’s VB page as it is now blank. Added “Why Delphi??” link.