Replacing Yahoo

As the complaints about Yahoo’s homepage redesign continue pouring in on my Switch back post I thought I’d mention how I moved on:

  • Forwarded all Yahoo email (using Yahoo Mail Pro, don’t worry it’s cheap) to my newer email address hosted on my own domain using Google Apps for Domains meaning I can use GMail as my client even with my personal email address (very nice!)
  • Use Prism (or Refractor add-on for Firefox) hosting GMail on the desktop
  • Switched to Pandora replacing, the now sold-off, LAUNCHCast for music
  • Switched to Feedly in Firefox for news and RSS reading based on my $g(Google Reader) feeds
  • Use Trillian as my IM client for my Yahoo contacts (among others)
  • Moved my address book to my iPod Touch and Facebook which is nice since friends provide their own updates
  • Switched to $g(Google groups) from Yahoo Groups
  • Switched to $g(Google Calendar)
  • Switched to Google’s Picasa for photos

Having been a Yahoo customer for well over ten years I’m a little torn though feel they left me more then I left them. Regardless, my Yahoo days have ended, I do wish them well as I know they’re struggling.

13 thoughts on “Replacing Yahoo

  1. Whoever decided to cancel the regular "classic Yahoo" has the wrong concept of maintaining a customer quality service.

  2. I really would like the old classic yahoo page back. I like the fact of seeing my email sign-in in front of me on the home page. I also don’t find the maps and tv sites on the side bar. Please return to the classic home page. Thank you, Bob S

  3. Well if Yahoo are finishing with the classic page then that’s me finished with Yahoo. Over to Google

  4. Please return my service to Classic Yahoo. Who on earth did such a thing as to force this different format on me? I hate it!

  5. I will be switching to google after having been on yahoo since windows first came out.I loved yahoo classic.B ut its all over now

  6. Can’t you guys see that everyone is asking for the good old Yahoo Classic !!! Please do not lose us ! Bring it back or we are going to google !

  7. why can’t you leave a good system alone ,now have probs with mail access & pages opening when not clicked on ,bring back classic please otherwise it will be another lost customer

  8. I am extremely disappointed. I have had YAHOO as my server since 1999. I have always supported Yahoo no matter what. Now, listen Yahoo folks! There is no excuse for that new change to that hideous web address. PLEASE BRING BACK YOUR CLASSIC PAGE. It is easier to read and maneuver. Please…I hope you are reading my message and all others messages. If you need financial support for CLASSIC View you may ask me or other folks. Trust me, we will support the CLASSIC HOME PAGE. I cannot tolerate this new home page and tried hours to get rid of it. There is absolutely nothing great about it!! I hope you read our commients and take it seriously. What happened to Customer and majority feedback? You are representing the people.
    I sure hope you will come back to us with some goods.
    Take Care,

  9. my wife and i are in our 70s and not nurds. we understand classic .learning the new things all the time,why? are you doing this to collect info? give us our classic!

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