Reinstalling Vista SP1 resolves display problems but was it ReadyBoost?

After reading this comment from Enrico Giordani (Ciao!), whom I worked with back in 1999 while working for Microsoft in Redmond, I decided to try Vista SP1 again though this time with my USB key in my pocket. Guess what? I no longer have the display problem as described in the SP1 readme. I’m at a loss to explain why my machine is now working but I’ll take it! I reconfigured my video card, tried different resolutions, unconnected my external monitor and rebooted at least a dozen times trying to work around the issue but alas nothing worked although all the while my USB key was in its slot with $g(ReadyBoost) enabled. I removed the USB key and reinstalled SP1 from scratch and Sleep is now working as it had with the RTM. I’ve also reconnected my USB key with ReadyBoost enabled as well as with my external monitor attached and all is working just fine.

Go figure!

Anyway, Enrico, thanks for the comment you salvaged SP1 for me! Grazie!

[Update: March 29] Update the link to the release notes since the previous MS link broke.

9 thoughts on “Reinstalling Vista SP1 resolves display problems but was it ReadyBoost?

  1. Ah, the adventure of it all! Doesn’t it remind you of the good old days? When men were men and computers only worked because we pampered them, added bus terminations, and juggled board positions until we reached a stable configuration?
    Oh, wait, you probably don’t remember the old S-100 days…. 😉

  2. Hey Bill,
    No I, fortunately, I don’t have any S-100 days. That said, if I could recapture the days/weeks/months wasted configuring autoexec.bat and config.sys I could take the rest of the year off!
    I’d seriously like to know with the first install I could end up with the display problem and how a subsequent install of the same bits resolved it.

  3. Just a wild guess: SP1 is known to have some issues with some device drivers.
    The first installation failed somehow to update/replace the driver used by readyboost, the second installation did not… as I said just a very wild guess 😉

  4. What issue and do you have a link to the readme that works?
    I’m interested because i think i have the same issue which seems to be and i hope is solved by sp1.

  5. Hi Chris,
    As is typical with Microsoft links they don’t stick around long enough. The issue I had was that my monitor would fail to work after resuming from hibernate. The issue was mentioned in the release notes I had linked to but I don’t see it mentioned in the latest release notes that I found.
    I’m no longer running SP1 because the issue I had eventually reappeared which is entirely unacceptable.

  6. hi i have i big problem when i try to install vista on my pc i go thow all the mornal stuff finf but when it cums to resteing ready to boot vista to say complat my monitor goes on standbye and wont cum bk on i leave it 30 mins still nothing so i reset my pc then it cums up as mormal but saying vista not installed probley restet pc and reinstall but eavery time i do it i have same problem so i put xp on thats fine i tryed to update from that to vista and it does the same after the black screen where the wite dots go across …………….. then its shuts down but when it boots up monitor wont cum on
    can any 1 plz help me thanks
    email me at

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