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If you’re a Delphi developer I’d highly recommend subscribing Zarko Gajic‘s Delphi Programming RSS feed from It’s a little unfortunate that the XML icon on the site doesn’t link you directly to the Feed but rather a subscription page that starts with an email subscription form which confused me for a second until I realized that the RSS info was at the bottom.

Anyway, Zarko cranks out useful Delphi tips seemingly every day of the week so you’re bound to see something that’s useful to you. I’ve linked to his column in the navigation section of the right hand sidebar of my blog.

Keep up the great work Zarko!

6 thoughts on “Recommended:'s Delphi Programming RSS feed

  1. I prefer which aggregates a large number of delphi blog RSSs including Zarko’s stuff from and even a few of the newest entries from a few newsgroups.
    Definitely the place I go to get the news I need.

  2. c Johnson,
    I too like but Zarko’s feed will only ever contain items related to Delphi development whereas includes all items from every blog it publishes.

  3. True, but I would rather go to one aggregated location than a dozen. I find this a common flaw in most RSS implementations, so really it is a matter of reading preference than content.

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