Randy Spitz

I’ve recently learned that Randy Spitz, an old friend and colleague of my at Borland has passed away. I first met Randy when I joined Borland back in August of 1992. He was a senior member of the Paradox for DOS technical support team and a fantastic mentor and trainer. Randy was always giving of his knowledge and time and had a wonderful calmness about him. I can remember going to him in those early days of my tech support career when a call got hectic and I needed help and him telling me “It’s ok. First, just breath. Now, what’s up?”

I lost touch with Randy after he moved to Northern California though I recall the last time we spoke and him telling me about his home there and describing it as a very serene idyllic setting which he clearly loved. I first heard the news from Lino who was talking to Michael Johnson. Then, later from Randy Sell and Joe Bentley all of whom (with the exception of Lino) worked in Support back then. Here, is a post from the Borland Alumni newsgroup on Yahoo (login required), from Michael Alessio (also from Borland tech support) about Randy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Randy’s family. There will be a service in L.A., Randy’s hometown on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Randy Spitz

  1. Very sad news indeed!
    Anders Ohlsson at CodeGear is the one that notified me of the tragedy last week.
    I worked with Randy in Delphi Tech Support during Delphi 1 and then few years later he worked for me at 2 consulting companies in the Bay Area. My heart goes out to his family.
    My family and I are praying for him and his family.

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