Protecting the iPod Touch with an Agent 18 Shield Case

Agent18 iPod Touch Shield Case

Following on my previous post, after a few months use I finally decided to pick up a case for my iPod Touch and many trips to the Apple store to test them out I selected the Agent18 Shield Case (pictured to the right). It’s a clear hard plastic case which snaps tightly around the device. While I really like it, it could use a thin rubber seal around the edges of all the openings as I tend to find pocket “crumbs” eventually make their way inside and get stuck between the case and the iPod. I looked at a number of other cases and settled on this one since it’s exterior is completely smooth and has no edges that can catch on clothing etc. I also like the fact that it snaps together easily with seems that run the entire length of the device. Aside from the minor “crumb” drawback I highly recommend it.

I’ve been debating about buying a screen protector but haven’t settled on anything yet. In fact, I still have the original static plastic cover intact but it’s starting to curl in spots. If you have any suggestions/recommendations I’d love to hear about them.

8 thoughts on “Protecting the iPod Touch with an Agent 18 Shield Case

  1. A device that is designed so "well" that it requires a special protection to work properly is clearly useless.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I’ve been using the clear membranes from Best Skins Ever on my ZVM and my wife’s Nano. They are cheap, long lasting, and nothing scratches them. I read about them on a ZVM enthusiastes site.
    What I like about the BSE skins is that it doesn’t change the size of the device, but still protects it from spills and scratches. If you need to put your iPod in a travel case to protect it from drops, it will still fit with a BSE skin on it.

  3. gabr,
    Sounds like I’m far harder on devices like this than you as clearly it the cover isn’t required for it to "work properly". In fact, the nice "glass" case on my Motorola K1M has been shattered for over a year now after I forcefully yet accidentally threw it to the pavement though fortunately it still works.
    Thanks for the recommendation I’ll check it out!

  4. I’ve got an Invisible Shield on my month-old iPod Touch. So far so good! The shield has a little bit more friction to it than the iPod, which can be annoying but also might help prevent it from sliding off a desk.

  5. The BSE skin is pretty much the same material as Invisible Shield, except much cheaper. The additional friction does keep it from slipping off desks.

  6. Hey casey,
    Thanks for the link, interesting case. I’d like to test one out prior to dropping $45 on it but it looks cool nonetheless. Too bad the corners aren’t completely rounded. Also I wish the images were better quality and zoomable.

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