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A recent post to the Delphi non-tech public newsgroup pointed to this survey which asks “Which languages are you working in?”. About 1/3rd of those responding have included Delphi. Sweet!

2 thoughts on “Programming language survey on

  1. I’d guess the deck was stacked by bloggers and websites in the Delphi community advertising this survey. I like Delphi, but that aspect has always concerned me. Borland even made some "click here to vote for Borland products in all categories" type of links in the past. This skews the results, making the survey meaningless.

  2. Hi Eric,
    I don’t take survey’s like this very serious I more find it interesting and I’m glad to see Delphi listed at all. I take it as just a data point. When I worked at Microsoft I got emails telling me to head over to some site to vote for Microsoft software and they have 60K employees. I’d say don’t put too much weight into any survey you see online.

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