Posting a useful rant

I understand that the point of a rant really isn’t to provide useful
information but instead to vent some anger to a group of people who, hopefully,
can share your pain in some meaningful way. However, if ever you are inclined to
post a rant if you could keep the following in mind it might help your fellow
trenchmates who take the time to read your rantings to actually help you out.

  • Focus only on the facts as you know them
  • Be as specific as possible about what the problem is and how you got there
  • If there is an error message involved post the complete text of the
  • Try not to embellish or if you have to try to be conservative
  • Avoid name calling
  • At the end, state that you feel better, I know it’ll be hard to do, but that
    way people will know you’re ready to move on and actually be open to offers for

If you can’t seem to do any of the above you might want to save yourself the
typing and utilize whatever your favorite release mechanism is not related to a

That’s all I can think of for now, if I come up with anything else I’ll add
on as necessary.