Platform for Retailers Targeted Local Deals and Notifications

In November ’14 the Wanderful Media team launched a new feature within our Find&Save mobile apps called Cash Dash, a geographically targeted offer platform giving retailers the opportunity to reach consumers at key locations while out shopping. Using location aware features on iOS and Android the platform is able to suggest offers while users are out-and-about shopping. Leveraging our data on hundreds of retailers and hundreds of thousands of retailer locations as well as shopping malls all across the U.S. the platform provides retailers a rich ability to reach consumers at or near their stores with customized messaging and unique offers to help draw them in.

Find&Save’s Geo-Offer Platform is built to provide retailers a wide variety of customization options in terms of location targeting, custom messaging, deep linking, notification timing and more. These geo-notifications tie neatly into our mobile applications and offer retailers a wide range of choices for messaging consumers at the right time and location. For example, during the 2014 Black Friday shopping season we ran a custom geo-campaign for Gamestop alerting users of a special offer on a Microsoft XBOX when near their stores. We’ve also provided retailers options to educate users on upcoming store closings which can occur as a result of a merger and help direct them to the nearest alternate location.
Building a mobile geo-notification platform poses a variety of challenges on both iOS and Android with each platform having its own idiosyncracies. For example, both OS’s restrict the number of locations any one application can geo-fence at a time which means that as a device moves around it needs to utilize these precious resources carefully (think garbage collecting) to provide relevant notifications at the right locations when hundreds of thousands of locations exist. In addition to location there are a variety of other factors which play a role in presenting geo-notifications including time of day, day of the week, and open hours of the target retailer location/mall. Another factor is that some retail locations are quite large with potentially hundreds of stores. Our system takes all of these things into account and offers retailers a wide variety of mechanisms to reach their customers at or near their stores or even their competitors locations.
Cash Dash offers are now available on the web as well here.
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