Picking Street Sense to win the Kentucky Derby lands me a bottle of Maker's Mark

Last night, my wife and I attended a fabulous Kentucky Derby dinner party hosted by Kevin Driscoll and his wife (btw, Kevin hosted last weekend’s desert camping, this guy knows how to have a good time). They bid at auction for a $g(Kentucky Derby) dinner which they won much to our delight. The dinner was at the home of a couple who live in a beautiful house in Ben Lomond.

The main event had been conveniently Tivoed (we’d been instructed to avoid the Internet/TV as the race was run earlier in the day) and after Mint Julips and hors d’oeuvres on the front porch we all gathered ’round the big screen TV for the Derby. We had each selected a horse and having looked at the odds the night before I opted for Street Sense (9-2) since the favorite, Curlin had already been taken. The race started and as the horses rounded the first turn the announcer finished his run down with “…and Street Sense in 19th place…” out of twenty! I sat back in my chair and said “well, I guess I can relax now” at which point our chef tapped me on the shoulder and said “no, keep watching”. It would take an instant replay before I really understood what had happened but by the straight away Street Sense was in first place and won the 2007 Run for the Roses by 2ΒΌ-lengths. I walked away with a very nice prize which included a few glasses and a bottle of Maker’s Mark, one of my favorites.

After the race, we moved to the dining room where we were served a fabulous dinner. My wife said the beef was simply the best she’s ever had which I agree was mighty good. I was absolutely stuffed by the time it was over and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

This wasn’t my first Derby party but it’s the first one I’d attended in many, many years though I’m beginning to think that’s been a mistake. It’s hard to believe a two minute sporting event could make for such a fun evening!

Do you have a good Derby story?