Parcel Tax FAQ

Update Aug, 2010 This content has been superseded by the OFSVS wiki which contains far more content.

I’ll use this post to gather questions and answers relating to any Parcel Tax initiative that may be considered for SVUSD. You can read more about successful Bond and Parcel Tax initiatives throughout California in 2009. You can also read more about When and How to Call an Election.

To join the efforts to study and develop a parcel tax initiative please contact me.

How does a Parcel Tax measure get placed on the ballot?

The Scotts Valley School Board has the authority to place a measure on the ballot.

What is the cost to the school district to place a Parcel Tax measure on the ballot?

This depends on the type of ballot used (mail-in versus precinct). A mail-in ballot would incur a higher cost to the district.

Where does the money come from to pay for a Parcel Tax initiative?

The money to place a measure on the ballot comes from the School Districts budget.

What lead time does the School Board need to place the measure on the ballot?

90 days. (supporting details needed here)

Is a flat $98 per parcel tax proposal enough?

The $98 Parcel Tax that’s been mentioned in the Scotts Valley Banner is likely to fall several hundred thousand dollars short of the $950,000 projected shortfall for 2011-2012. This is based on approximately 7000 parcels in Scotts Valley and includes a Senior Citizen exception meaning somewhere less than $700,000 dollars would be raised leaving the District several hundred thousand dollars short. For more details read Gary Redenbacher’s Scotts Valley Banner article It’s The Law Of Parcel Taxes.