Our minivan pick is the 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L

2007 Honda Odyssey

Awhile ago I blogged about looking for a mini-van, either a Honda or a Toyota. After a lot of research, largely by my wife since it’s her car, asking friends and neighbors regarding their choices we decided on a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L. We purchased it using a broker located in Seaside and believe it or not it was an enjoyable experience, a first for my car buying career. It was delivered on time to our house where we filled out all paper work at our kitchen table in about 35 minutes at a significant savings over all of the dealers we talked to. The delivery driver was very knowledgeable and took us through a tour of all the available features which, btw, was about our third such tour having been to several dealerships. My wife, once very skeptical about becoming a mini-van driver is now asking why we didn’t do it sooner.

The Odyssey drives nicely and the interior is very roomy. The turning radius is very good turning much tighter than our Toyota Highlander. For me the only real bummer is that lack of memory seats especially considering my wife and I differ in height by slightly over a foot. That option is only available with the higher end Touring Edition but we felt it wasn’t worth the multi-thousand dollar price difference for that feature alone. I find it odd Honda excludes this feature on the EX-L since it’s actual cost must be pretty small considering all of the mechanical equipment is in place. One of the dealers told us that the Odyssey is the only Honda vehicle where that feature is missing in all but the most high end car. Apparently, several other lines offer it below to top end.

Another one of the major reasons we decided not to go with the Toyota was the cost was significantly higher for what we considered the same features.

Now, I just need to get a for sale sign on my ’97 BMW 318is. It’s in good shape and has only 80K miles on it.

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  1. Hey Holger,
    You’re right there is really nothing mini about it. It’s longer and wider than our Highlander and having all that extra room is going to be needed when the new baby arrives!

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