Our Mac Mini back online with a new main logic board

The other day I mentioned our Mac Mini had died after just 18 short months of little use. I’d done some digging around on the web and found good reviews of a company called DT&T Computer Services and after describing the problem they quoted me $245 to replace the main logic board and $15 for shipping and handling. I filled out their online form and printed out my RMA information and sent the machine in last Friday. We got it back today and fortunately, it’s working once again. DT&T has a 6 month warranty which is nice although I hope we don’t have to use it.

I’ll add that my experience with DT&T was very good. They answered the phone immediately when I called, no waiting, hold, etc. answered my questions and once the repairs were done they called to complete payment and confirm shipping. It all went off without a hitch.

Now, of course, the thing I’m happiest about is my wife has her own machine back.

4 thoughts on “Our Mac Mini back online with a new main logic board

  1. Hi David,
    Fortunately, we were never at risk of losing data, at least not from this machine, as my wife’s data is "in the cloud" and she uses a browser for pretty much everything. In my previous post I mentioned the issue of "losing data" because it seemed odd to me that Apple found it completely acceptible to offer a choice where data loss was pretty much to be expected.

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