One more reason to like DiscountASP.NET

Falafel Software, my employer, has written courseware for TestComplete that includes examples for Data Driven Testing. The examples make use of Microsoft’s AdventureWorks database which requires an MSSQL install (Express works too) which is not something everyone has installed or access to. On a few occasions I’ve had classes where people have really struggled to get MSSQL Server Express and the DB installed successfully not to mention actually trying to connect to the DB.
Several weeks ago I approached DiscountASP.NET (DASP) to discuss hosting options for Falafel’s ActiveFocus (AF) Project Management application, which is up and running on on DASP’s Windows 2008 servers using MSSQL 2008, and those talks turned out better than I had anticipated. DASP set us up with two separate accounts one for testing AF on the above software combination and the second to use for training allowing us to setup and configure an MSSQL 2005 database to host AdventureWorks for training! In fact, they were pretty excited about the training angle which we’ve been using for several weeks now and has worked out well. By using a hosted DB we can simply provide a connection string to the attendees of the class and get them connected right away, no hassling with installation, configuration and connection issues to MSSQL.
DiscountASP.NET is really focused on the ASP.NET developer audience and not only have I found their service to be solid and reliable and their support is outstanding this additional level of support is icing on the cake.
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