OFSVS Update #5 Scotts Valley School District issues pink slips for 2011-2012 school year

Steve Trefethen just sent supporters the following message:

As you might have been aware tonight the Scotts Valley School Board approved a resolution to reduce or eliminate certain certificated services for SVUSD. The details of the cuts are outlined in an attachment to tonight’s Board Agenda which you can find on page two here. Unfortunately, the PDF prevents copying any of the text so you’ll have to click through for the details. Essentially, the plan outlines approximately 10 positions where fractional cuts indicate a reduction of hours for the positions indicated.

Karen Jelcick gave a very somber review of the budget situation with a detailed breakdown of what cuts might look like with and without the extension of existing taxes currently being considered for a ballot measure in June along with the budget assumptions that were made. Karen broke the cuts down into three categories which I’ve captured here since I was unable to find any link to this hand out.

A recommendation was made for people in the community to reach out to their legislators about these cuts.

If you’re not involved in directly supporting parcel tax effort it’s certainly time to start asking why? If you haven’t reviewed the parcel tax poll results please take a look.

The goal of this mailing list is dissemination of information so please forward it to as many parents as possible. Also please ask your friends and neighbors to sign up for this email list.