OFSVS Update #3 August 2010

Steve Trefethen just sent supporters the following message:

Hi Everyone,
Hope this latest update finds you all enjoying the Summer! The last OFSVS update was May 23rd, 2010 and recently there has been quite a bit of activity related to the school board I wanted to bring to your attention. First, there are now two openings on the SVUSD school board for which there are only two community members (John Abel and Art Bubb) running meaning unless other candidates register there will be no election and the two new members will simply join the board.

Additionally, with the introduction of Bubb and Abel, we learn of a new political action committee formed by Derek Timm with a press release on Mr. Abel’s website consistent with Derek’s publicly stated opinion on Dr. Silver appearing in our local press.

Along with this OFSVS letter I’ve just written a post reflecting my experience working with the leadership of the district which has been dramatically different from that of Derek’s. The reality is SVUSD is faced with enormous challenges and it’s important to understand, regardless of who holds the  leadership positions, they’ll likely be tasked at times with making unpopular and difficult decisions regarding people’s careers and the future of students in the District.

Community Day
Please remember Community Day is September 18th!

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OFSVS Members Update
There are now 32 people (up from 20) throughout Scotts Valley on this mailing! If you can please continue to spread the information about this group and help engage more people throughout our community.

Please let me know if you would like to see specific information posted to the site or if you’re interested in posti

ng items of interest I’d be happy to work with you. As always please feel free to forward this email to anyone who you feel is interested.

Apologies in for this late summer interruption but I felt several of the above items “newsworthy” and in the interest open communication on which this effort is based felt it necessary.

Enjoy the few remaining weeks of Summer!

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