OFSVS Update #1

Steve Trefethen just sent supporters the following message:

Hi All,

  You’re receiving this email because you’ve subscribed to the mailing list so first, thank you! In the initial 24 emails sent out 5 bounced and there are now 9 subscribers not including myself. While that number isn’t large I feel it’s a great start so again thank you. There are a number of items to mention in this first email so I’ll get right to the point:

Name Change

This effort isn’t about me and I was uncomfortable about having stevetrefethen.com in the header of the site so that’s been changed to "Organizing for Scotts Valley Schools" (OFSVS) which closely reflects the efforts started here and appeals more broadly to leaders/people in other neighborhoods. The website address remains unchanged though if we need to change that I’d be happy to do that as well. Feedback is always welcome.

Building Our Mailing List

For this effort to succeed we need to reach out to our neighbors and ask them to subscribe and join us. I’ve gotten some great feedback and have been in contact with some other interested people outside of Skypark. To the end, I’ve made changes to my website to better support adding other neighborhoods so if you know of anyone who wants to lead this effort outside of Skypark please have them contact me.

Parcel Tax Happenings

The second Parcel Tax Exploration Committee (unofficial name) meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 5th at 6:30pm in the middle school library. I’m on this committee so feel free to contact/join/carpool with me if you’re interested. Michael Shulman (School Board president) has been digging in deep researching all of the available structuring options and has provided some great details so please let me know if you’re interested. I’ve cc’ed Michael on this email as he’s well aware of this effort.

Vine Hill PTA

I understand there are a large number of openings on the VH PTA that are coming up. My wife (Kristi) has been in contact with several people in Skypark about "tackling" this problem so please let me know if there are any connections/introductions I can help with. While my children happen to attend VH I want to be clear this effort is District wide as there are Skypark children attending Brook Knoll as well so if there are openings there or other issues that we should mention please contact me.

Dollar-A-Day Efforts

The Dollar-A-Day efforts are once again in the works looking to launch prior to the end of the school year. I missed the recent  SVEF meeting where I’m sure this was discussed. I’ve reviewed the letter that’s going out (not sure it’s appropriate to share via this list) and offered a suggestion to include the new $30/monthly subscription to SVEF via Paypal versus a single $365 one time donation. If you’re interested in this discussion please let me know.

What I’ve Been Up To

Since my last email I’ve met with Karen Jelcick (District CBO) to better my understanding of school funding and she was very candid and helpful. She mentioned she’s open to any additional questions so please let me know if you have questions and I can help work to get them answered. I’ve also written a new blog post about broadening the reach of PTA and Board meetings.

For smaller and potentially more frequent updates be sure to subscribe to my twitter account.

Thanks again, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you build this effort.


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