Note to RSS feed readers of my blog regarding temporary items, their from Windows Live Writer

I use Windows Live Writer to post to my blog and it has a nice feature which allows my to write entries in the style of my blog so I can see what they look like immediately. When I change my site’s stylesheets I can select View|Update Weblog Style… and it will download my styles automatically to match my blog. Well, if you read my blog via RSS as does you may occasionally see entries from my blog which look:

Temporary Post Used For Style Detection (812027f7-29d4-4be6-9114-84b79a5a090d)

With text indicating the item is just temporary and should be deleted. This occurs as a result of updating my blog style in Windows Live writer and this temporary items exists for a very brief period of time. The upside is that this isn’t something that happens all that often though my apologies if you wind up seeing these entries even briefly.