Next Up: Extensible ASP.NET Code Completion for 3rd Parties

Diamondback, like Delphi 8, supports code completion on ASP.NET server controls from within the code editor as well as the tag editor.  This makes working with ASP.NET tags much easier and helps prevent mistyping tag and attibute names helping keep your development time productive.  In Diamondback we’ve changed the loading of schema files that describe ASP.NET server controls such that third party companies that produce ASP.NET controls and make their controls work like first class citizens in the Diamondback IDE with full support for code completion and HTML Error Insight (a topic for another day).

To take advantage of this feature all you have to do is create a .xsd file that looks like the ones provided with Diamondback and place it in the “..\schemas\asp schemas” under your Diamondback root directory.  When the IDE starts it loads all of the schemas from that directory for use with various IDE features like code completion.  If you are a vendor who already has a schema file for VS.NET then typically just dropping that file into the above directory will add first class support to the Diamondback IDE.

[UPDATE: Dec 8, 2004]  I just debugged a problem with the support for third parties supplying .xsd files for use with ASP.NET code completion.  The IDE currently only supports “asp” and “borland” namespaces.  We’ll be looking to fix this issue in a future update.