Next Up: Diamondback (Delphi 2005) and ASP.NET Template Editing

In continuing my posts on new ASP.NET features in Diamondback today I’ll mention ASP.NET template editing. Several ASP.NET controls support what are called templates which are small fragments of Text/HTML that the control uses are runtime. Controls that support templates like or template columns within a require a special template editing mode necessary to edit the template in the WebForm designer. Basically, template editing is a special sub-edit mode of the control used within the ASP.NET WebForm designer, something that wasn’t supported in Delphi 8.0 but fully supported in Diamondback. In Delphi 8, you can use the code editor to manually edit control templates and in Diamondback you’ll be able to use the template editor right within the WebForm designer which supports drag/drop and direct editing of the template. Additionally, with the tag editor, the small edit window at the bottom of the WebForm designer, you can immediately see the code within your templates which is a feature unique to Diamondback. Template editing is one of the many improvements to ASP.NET development we’ll be delivering in Diamondback.