Next Up: Diamondback and CSS Code Completion

In Delphi 8 we didn’t
really provide any support for developing CSS/stylesheets which any web
developer knows are an important part of web development.  Well, fortunately Diamondback (the
next release of Delphi) supports CSS syntax highlighting as well as CSS code
completion making it easier to build stylesheets where you don’t have to
constantly refer to reference material in order to create a new style.  I highly
recommend familiarizing yourself with CSS so that you can leverage the many
advantages it provides.  Here is a great site that
has lots of information to help you learn CSS.

Another issue in D8 was that the designer wouldn’t always resolve relative
file locations for things like images and stylesheets correctly which has been
fixed in Diamondback.

Here are a few pointers regarding how relative paths are resolved in the
Diamondback IDE:

  • If the file is part of an ASP.NET project then it’s references will be
    resolved relative to http://localhost allowing
    for use of virtual roots to refer to global image and stylesheet locations.
  • If the file is not part of a project (like a standalone .htm file) then any
    relative URLs are resolved relative to the directory path of the .htm

Basically if the file is part of an ASP.NET project then any relative URL
references in the file are resolved through http://localhost rather than the file system.