New Release of DUnit 9.3.0 available for download

Jud Cole, the DUnit Project Admin just announced that there is a new version of DUnit available for download.

Recent additions to DUnit 9.3.x

  • FASTMM support, including optional memory leak checking on a per test basis, resulting in improved execution speed of many tests.
  • New DUnitW32 project group for Delphi 2005+ with new projects DUnitW32,
    DUnitTestLibW32 and UnitTestsW32.
  • New DUnit4Net project group for Delphi 8+ with existing project UnitTests4Net.
    Automatic MadExcept support for stack tracing in TestFramework.pas.
  • Optional checking that each test case calls at least one CheckXXX method.
  • Optional detection of each test case that overrides the global GUI test case settings.
  • Optional halting of a repeated test on the first failure.
  • Carried the GUITestRunner.pas changes to the main form creation over to NGUITestRunner.pas and QGUITestRunner.pas.
  • Added a display refresh timer to GUITestRunner to ensure display update in long unit tests.
  • A couple of minor bug fixes.

Great work and congrats to the DUnit crew!

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