New CodeGear logo

 CodeGear has just gotten a new logo and I really like it, check it out:

CodeGear logo

It’s all part of a brand rollout you’ll be seeing more of. Internally, we’ve been provided with new letterhead styles, business cards etc. all very cool.

Ok, seriously, I’m going on vacation this last flurry of posts is what happens when I check my email before turning off the computer.

10 thoughts on “New CodeGear logo

  1. I thought I read a while back that the ‘from Borland’ part would shrink away, but I now see that you plan to fade it out. 😉

  2. Probably not a coincindence that it looks like the site icon for I’m guessing.
    There are a lot of levels that I, personally, find the logo unappealing. Everything from artistic intent (hey, logos are art) to aethetic value to that ugly little borland hanging off the bottom.
    I gotta think that a company that should pride itself on cutting edge, innovative products probably isn’t well served by a cookie cutter logo just because it coverts well to a 32×32 icon.
    Still, it is better than having nothing I suppose.
    For those who say "it’s just a logo, who cares?" I would suggest that north american corporate culture have been too sterile, cold and unfeeling. A logo should simultaneously convey an impression of the company and inspire company employees (on many levels), otherwise it’s just the company’s name in print.

  3. Steve, quick question: is the captcha on this site time sensitive? I find I pretty much always have to save my message twice, as if the time I took to read your article and then type a reply caused the captcha to expire.

  4. C Johnson,
    Yes, it is time sensitive. I need to look and see if I can control the timeout not mention make a note of it so people are aware. Sorry about that.
    Regarding the logo, every employee I’ve spoken to has been really enthusiastic about it. I personally, really like it and think it’s creative, strong and unique.

  5. Steve, I hope you guys aren’t mistaking excitement for change over excitement for the logo itself.
    Let’s touch base in a few months and see if it keeps its hold or if it just becomes convenient to turn into an icon.
    Have a good vaction. I’m gonna go back to checking the order fulfilment site 5x a day to see if they’ve shipped my D2007 yet…. startin to get the shakes, ya know?

  6. It looks rusty. It looks constrained. It looks heavy. It looks imperative. "code" seems to be crushing "gear" with its weight. It gives feeling you wouldn’t want associated with a development tool. A good logo for a caterpillar, maybe – not for a "developers’ company".
    I guess employee at Codegear would be enthusiatic even if you submit them a copy of VB6, these days. You all really need a vacation…

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