Need suggestions for fixing Windows Vista Sleep problems

I’m running Vista on a MacBook Pro using bootcamp and over the past 7 days Vista’s Sleep functionality has completely failed which isn’t necessarily a new problem. Now, the vast majority of times when the machine enters Sleep mode it eventually results in a system failure and reboot and roughly 30% of the time lost data of one kind or another leaving this message in the Event Viewer:

The previous system shutdown at 11:07:50 PM on 1/26/2009 was unexpected.

I’m open to suggestions as to how to fix this problem. On Jan 9th 2009, I installed AVG Free (which I’ve now uninstalled) but that’s it, no other software has been installed/removed.

Any ideas?

[Update: Feb 5, 2009] Knock on wood but after uninstalling FreeAVG I seem to be in a fairly stable state again WRT Sleep, meaning my machine actually wakes properly at this point. Go figure.

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  1. I’ve been using hibernate as well from the time I first got my macbook. It’s really nice to be able to hibernate, boot into OS X, then shutdown OS X and resume the Windows session without having to go through the whole boot process. It’s too bad hibernating OS X forces you to wake up in OS X and you can’t choose which OS to resume.

  2. This KB 951218 might help: Error message when a computer that is running Windows Vista SP1 resumes from hibernation: "System was shutdown unexpectedly"
    At least it helped my Vista 64 SP1 to resume properly from sleep mode.
    But be careful. Changing the boot loader can be dangerous.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the suggestions. Using hibernate isn’t really all fun with 4GB of RAM as it’s slow to resume whereas sleep resumes in a few seconds, when it works.
    Thanks for the KB link though if you search my blog you can see why I’m not running SP1 though perhaps this will help so thanks.

  4. Install the Windows 7 beta 🙂
    I’m only semi-joking actually, I’ve been running Win7 for awhile now and all my sleep/hibernation issues have disappeared. I used to drastically confuse my t61p laptop when I’d switch from docked to undocked and back again, to the point of it never sleeping or having to do a hard reboot to get it to come out of sleep.
    Anyway, if you’re feeling adventurous, Win7 beta… oh, and a co-worker has it running on his MacBook Pro with no issues.

  5. Just found that disabling the "wake-on sleep" option of my mouse, network and modem seems to fix the problem.
    It may just be that my mouse or some other device tries to wake up the PC while it is going to sleep, and the computer gets all confused.

  6. Shawn: Did that really fix your problem ? I just disabled the mouse as a means to wake my macbook pro (in x64 win7)

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