My Webhost4life account expires in -24 days

No, you didn’t read that wrong it’s minus 24 days (and counting). I have a hosting account at webhost4life (not this blog) and I started getting periodic automated emails from them about 40 days prior to my account expiring which happened on December 8th 2006. Here is a copy of the email I’ve been getting:

Subject: Renewal Notice: -23days left before Account Item Expire
Date:	Mon, 1 Jan 2007 22:58:30 -0800
Ignore this email if you have already taken action.
Dear steven trefethen,
You have -23 days left before the following
webhosting account item expires:
Item Name = $9.95/Month Plan
Renew it before 12-8-2006 or it will expire.
If it is a Hosting Service Plan, make sure you renew it
or you'll lose your website, and all referral commissions.
And remember, when your referrals renew, you'll earn
commissions again!
Login to your account and click on the renew button:
Your Member ID = xxxxxxxx
If you do not wish to renew, please login to your account
and click on the "No Renew" button, so we'll remove this item
from your account.

Now, I have no problem getting automated email notifying me I need to take action to renew an expiring account. So I log into my account looking for the “No Renew” button. But, where is it? (…and no, the renewal dropdown doesn’t have a “no renew” option)

webhost4life control panel

So I click the “Rate our Control Panel” link thinking I should inform them of this oversite and I’m given this form which I fill out:

webhost4life review control panel form

…then click the Submit button and get…

webhost4life error

The error reads:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'
Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '('.
/demowcp/rating1.asp, line 25

Now, I’ve read various posts on the web from people who really seem to like W4L though I’ve had much better luck with my current provider (see this post).

9 thoughts on “My Webhost4life account expires in -24 days

  1. I left Webhost4Life about 2 years ago because of frequent little gotchas like this. Breaking my mail server every so often always got me. Interesting to see they haven’t improved their quality in that time.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Been looking around to see if other people also have problems with this company.
    It is a disaster. Had a php site that worked 100% yesterday.
    Today the same site’s homepage shows up as a blank page. Typically of a php code error somewhere.
    Are these people changing the coding in our pages?
    I had one table dropping out of a huge database the other day.
    Lucky for me I made a backup of the complete database just the day before.

  3. Hi Fred,
    Thanks for the comment. If I’d read a post like this before I chose webhost4life as my provider it might have saved me some hassle. Unfortunately, it was too late for you but hopefully others can use this information when they make their decision.

  4. Ive been dealing with for over 4 years. after constant performance and support problems ive drawn the line.
    thay are all a bunch of retards without any knowledge of anything, the crew is mostly made up of CHINKS operating from hongKong, they constantly have email problems and delays, performance problems with MAJOR LAG and worse of all they take forever to respond to a ticket.
    their servers get hacked often by turkish hackers and they offer no explination or compensation for it. their back up systems is mostly corrupted . to get them to do something is like speaking to a 3 year old becuase they lack any common sense and initiative to fix something.
    In addition their feedback forum does not have any way of leaving negative comments on positive.
    here is the icing on the cake.
    when you call them , their telephone system put you on hold if no one picks up the phone after 15 minutes, it hangs up on you.
    they say they have this in place because they get a lot of irate customer calling and complaining.

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