My take on Borland's CodeGear announcement

As you’ve probably already heard Borland announced it is creating a new wholly-owned subsidiary named CodeGear from the Developer Tools Group. The news comes approximately 10 months after the initial divestiture announcement and brings to an end lots of speculation about exactly what would happen to the Tools group.

Officially, I’m still on vacation and will return to work tomorrow (Nov 16th) morning and will start my first day on the job as a CodeGear employee. While I had no idea whether or not an announcement would be made while on vacation I had a sneaky suspicion after reading Borland had delayed its quarterly results. Having read that, I figured it was probably a 50-50 chance that the news would come out before I returned. For most of the past week I’ve been unplugged and only briefly checked my email throughout my trip on the lowly eMachines PC crammed in very the corner of the dining area off the hotel lobby. When I checked my work email and noticed a mandatory all hands meeting had been scheduled I quickly sent an email to Mark Edington asking “what happened” he replied simply “Call me”. I spoke with him as I was filling up our rental car the night before our flight home and he gave me the 60 second summary.

My first impression was relief that the wait was finally over. Periods of uncertainty like this are taxing whether you’re a customer or an employee and while I was never really stressed about the final outcome it was a regular lunch-time topic and frequently on my mind. I’m glad Tod Nielson joined Borland and not only recognized the difficult decisions that had to be made but forged ahead with those decisions when others seemingly couldn’t. I’m glad we have a new name. I’m encouraged by the number of new and returning employees we’ve hired over the past several months. I’ve met Ben Smith, CodeGear’s new CEO, and look forward to hearing more about his vision for the company.

Basically, I look forward to going to work in the morning.

3 thoughts on “My take on Borland's CodeGear announcement

  1. I guess that’s the best blog I’ve read from a BORLAND employee. You’re not artificially over excited about the whole issue. Guess what, the community isn’t either.

  2. >> I guess that’s the best blog I’ve read
    >> from a BORLAND employee
    That would be for the second time on Steve’s blog for me. The thing that makes it real is the honesty.

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