My new weblog home

Welcome! This is the new home of my blog which I originally started back in June of 2004 on the Borland blog server. I decided to relocate my blog to gain some much needed flexibility and control over my blogging experience as well as improve the experience for those who read my blog.

One example of this flexibility is this site is using my owe CSS based three column layout proving it actually works in a real site but more on that later. In fact, I’ll be posting about the whole setup process and my experiments with things like Google AdSense (as you can see and no, I don’t even remotely think this blog is going to generate “income”) so that other’s who are looking to do the same thing can find all of the information one place.

Let me know what you think.

Welcome and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “My new weblog home

  1. What about older items? I have been trying to access some of your actionband goodies, but they all reroute me here.

  2. Hi Cobus,
    Sorry about that, I didn’t intend to redirect my old blog quite yet but I was testing some Javascript that would and forgot to disable it. The old site is back now, for the time being.

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