My hosting provider response to a DDOS attack

The last two days has meant a lot of down time for my domain as a result of a DDOS attack against my hosting provider DiscountASP.NET. In the response below is a link to an explanation of what happened as well as some graphs of the traffic spike.

Dear Customer,

We experienced a network-wide outage Thursday morning and late evening
as the result of a distributed denial of service attack. You can read
details related to the outage here:

We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of the
DiscountASP.NET status page, located at

In the event of any future network-wide outage, the status page will be
updated to provide you with as much information as possible. We hope
such a page will allow us to communicate more effectively during an
emergency situation, or when normal support office channels are affected by
an outage.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, uninterrupted service
available anywhere. We hope that we rarely have to utilize the status page,
but we also want to be prepared to communicate during any possible
emergency situations.

Thank you for your continued support,


3 thoughts on “My hosting provider response to a DDOS attack

  1. Same here. I’ve been completely locked out of my site and related functionalities (including email) for a couple of days so far. Generally, DiscountASP.NET is really good, but I guess anyone can be targetted by DDoS’s. It sounds like they’re making progress, finally, and I hope the source is identified soon…
    BTW, they have a status page – outside the area that’s being attacked and flooded — at

  2. Full Disclosure: I do work for DiscountASP.NET. We were under a massive DDOS attack off and on for 2 days. We did post in our community forum ( about what happened. To mitigate the attack, we did use an enteprise-class DDOS mitigation service, Prolexic, who is also used by many fortune 500 companies, major ISPs, news sites, and even by other countries. Now our hosting platform is strengthened even more.

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