My favorite things about Delphi 2007

Ben Smith CodeGear’s CEO has tagged me for my favorite things about Delphi 2007. In no particluar order:

  1. FastCode/community contributions to the RTL

    This quote pretty much sums up the Delphi community:
    One of the best I’ve found is the community that grew up around the Borland programming tools that have since become the CodeGear programing tools. Members of that community go to amazing lengths to help fellow programmers learn new ways of doing things. I’ve tried many other communities and you are either ignored or ridiculed.

  2. Seppy Bloom’s work on Vista support in the VCL
  3. Jim Tierney’s work on usability improvements in the VCL form designer
  4. Mark Edington’s work on desktop switching performance
  5. Adam Markowitz’s work on Code Insight

Like David, there are far more things to mention this but some of these are not obvious until you start using the product.

I tag: Eric Fortier, Zarko Gajic, Jeremy North, Jacob Thurman and Matt Levin

9 thoughts on “My favorite things about Delphi 2007

  1. Delphi community is the most important things make Delphi still a live, Delphi community makes a Delphi more than a language or (IDE)
    BTW, Doesn’t Adam Markowitz left Borland and went to FalafelSoft???

  2. Hi Mohammed,
    Agreed, the Delphi community itself is CodeGear’s most valuable asset IMO.
    And to answer your question, Adam has since left the company though not before he did some great work on our Code Insight features.

  3. Sadly, I can’t speak as I haven’t been allowed to. I emailed Nick but haven’t heard back from him yet.
    Thanks for the tag though! Much appreciated.

  4. Steve I noticed your comments about CodeInsight being improved. I remember reading in the NG that many where turning off one of the insights to help stability in BDS 2006. I believe it was ErrorInsight. Has this been addressed in D2007 or will it be fixed later in BDS 2007?

  5. Any hope that code insight is threaded and abortable now? One the most common things I end up waiting on is code insight either misfiring, or firing and then remembering what I am looking for LONG before codeinsight ever comes back.
    I work on some large projects, so delays around a minute can be very common and exceptionally annoying.
    Which reminds me, finally gotta finish migrating my dev environment from D7 to Turbo Delphi pro one of these days soon…

  6. C Johnson,
    No, you can’t abort Code Insight (or what we refer to internally as a kibitz) compile. However, you can uncheck Code Insight in the options dialog and manually invoke it using Ctrl-Space. In Delphi 2007, there were several improvements to CI performance. Shoot me an email after you’ve used Delphi 2007 I’d like to hear what you think once you’ve put it through it’s paces.

  7. Steve, even when I invoke it manually, I usually have MORE than enough time to remember what I was looking for LONG before the IDE ever comes back. Unchecking the box doesn’t fix that. It desperately needs to be abortable.
    I’ll take a peek at D2007 when a demo is available capable of letting me get my projects into it (lack of command line compiler makes this a pain) or I upgrade to it (don’t hold your breath, I just got to Turbo Delphi recently, so I may well skip this version as it doesn’t have abortable code insight so the upgrade cost is probably not overly justifyable)

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