My bike search ends with a Giant Cypress DX for Father's Day

Giant Cypress DX comfort bike

Giant Cypress DX

My search for a new bike has finally come to an end just in time for Father’s Day. My wife an I went out on a date during the day yesterday to run a bunch of errands and enjoy lunch together after which my wife surprised taking me to pick up a new bike. Over the past few months I’ve tested Schwinn, Scott, Giant and Specialized bikes looking for a comfortable ride for commuting and riding with my kids. I finally settled on the Giant Cypress DX because it simply felt the best. The ride is very smooth and in a very comfortable position for the kind of riding I’ll be doing. What’s even better is that not only was the bike on sale the tires had been upgraded for a previously interested buyer which I didn’t have to pay for! Woo hoo! My lucky day. Part of my Father’s day will definitely be spent riding around the neighborhood with my daughter who thinks Daddy’s bike tires are “really huge”.

Thanks again to everyone who offered me such great advice back in March. I used much of it throughout the past few months as I shopped around.

[Updated: May 29, 2008] Here are my tires and these are the rims I have.

7 thoughts on “My bike search ends with a Giant Cypress DX for Father's Day

  1. Looks nice. I see it got no fenders, so I guess you don’t plan on using it when it rains 😉

  2. I see it has no hub dynamo, so I guess you do not plan to ride after dark falls. Battery lamps are a pain, because the batteries always are flat when you need them. 🙂
    Doei RIF

  3. I’m sure as time goes by that I’ll be adding "features" but since it’s nearly mid-summer I doubt I’ll be riding after dark much so it’s not a pressing issue right now.

  4. Richard, it looks like the Californians don’t associate cycling with rain, wind, cold or darkness. Life must be great over there!

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