My 10 most popular blog posts

I was looking over my blog stats this evening and I started thinking that I’ve never posted a “top 10” before and there’s no better time than the present. Of course, there is an unfair weighting on older posts but still here goes:

  1. Delphi 2007 goes Gold!
  2. IE7 is now available get your BDS reg file here
  3. Component Development in Delphi For PHP (written by Jim Tierney)
  4. VCL and RTL enhancements since Delphi 7 (D7)
  5. Data Access Layers (DAL) on the .NET framework
  6. Add or Remove Programs icon missing from the Windows Vista Control Panel?
  7. Video of Delphi Code completion and code browsing features you may not know about
  8. Renaming add remove programs in Window Vista was clearly a bad idea
  9. Writing native Win32 applications for the Windows Vista Aero UI
  10. Delphi IDE and RTL/VCL performance improvements

[Updated: May, 17 2007] Fixed links. So much for using an editor macro.

4 thoughts on “My 10 most popular blog posts

  1. I think you have issues with the links in the top 10 list. It would appear that the root of the problem is link #3 which points to post #4 and that pattern then continues.

  2. Interestingly, my Delphi 2007 blog post is also the one with the most views.

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