MVP's petition Microsoft to bring back VB

Scoble recently posted a link to
discussing a revolt amongst Microsoft MVP’s clamoring for
another non .NET release of VB. In fact, they’ve gone so far as to post an online petition. Now, imagine if Borland had done something
similar with Delphi. I
think it’s safe to say I’d probably be working at some other company by now,
fortunately, that’s not the case. With Delphi 2005 Borland has provided a single
IDE that targets Win32 and .NET with the same language
and the same framework.

I wonder where that company that had VB to Delphi conversion tools is today??

At any rate, if you’re a VB developer and you’re looking for a tools vendor
that continues to support their Win32 customer base and their
source code welcome to Delphi. Hey did you know that we even have a VB

[Updated March 10, 2005 Wow, the VB crowd is seriously upset
with Microsoft see A Marketeer’s
Worst Nightmare