Mozilla Prism and composing new GMail messages

Gmail Plain Text link

Awhile ago, I mentioned Mozilla’s Prism  which allows you to run websites in a manner which more closely resembles a desktop application within a standalone window. When using $g(GMail) the default Rich text editor for the message body doesn’t work and the editor appears read only. The key is to click the “Plain Text” link and switch the editor style which will allow you to type your message.

Since Prism was initially released I haven’t heard/read anything else about it’s development so hopefully we’ll see improvements/fixes. If you haven’t at least played with Prism I highly recommend.

3 thoughts on “Mozilla Prism and composing new GMail messages

  1. Hey Steve – Thanks for trying out Prism. We fixed the GMail compose problem and should have an update to Prism out soon. When I say "We" I mean it was fixed in the XULRunner platform.
    Updating to a nightly version of XULRunner should fix the problem, if you want a fix now. Just replace the "xulrunner" folder under the Prism install.

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