Moving from dasBlog to BlogEngine.NET

In addition to moving this blog to BlogEngine.NET (BE) I’ve recently moved my personal home blog from dasBlog to BE and I’ve had to lookup the steps to export/import blog data more than once so I decided to capture them once and for all here. The process shouldn’t really take more then about 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Download Paul Van Brenk’s dasBlog BlogML importer
  2. Run the importer to convert your dasBlog content to BlogML. I ran into a few issues trying to import 1500+ comments from my blog so it required a bit of debugging/tweaking.
  3. Download BlogEngine.NET and set it up either locally on an ISP (importing can work with either)
  4. To avoid a Username/Password error upon importing into BlogEngine.NET add the line indicated below to BlogEngine.NET\api\BlogImporter.asmx (solution originally sourced from this work item on CodePlex)
    public string AddPost(ImportPost import, string previousUrl, bool removeDuplicate) {
        if (!IsAuthenticated())
            throw new InvalidOperationException("Wrong credentials");
        Post post = new Post();
        post.Title = import.Title;
        post.Author = import.Author;
        post.DateCreated = import.PostDate;
        post.DateModified = import.PostDate; // or "DateTime.Now"  <- LINE ADDED
        post.Content = import.Content;
  5. Log into your BE install click on the Settings tab and scroll all the way to the bottom to view the Import & Export section.
  6. Click the Import button which launches the Blog Importer tool that looks like this:


  7. Enter the name of your BlogML XML file, the URL to your BE blog and your credentials
  8. Click Import
  9. Hit your BE blog and enjoy your imported data!

Btw, here is a post to a few other items I had to address to really get my blog moved over.