More multi-column CSS layout

Since this
seems to have been pretty popular I thought I’d build on it a bit and
provide a few more examples. In my previous post I created an HTML page that had
the stylesheet information embedded in a STYLE tag within the page header which
is actually a bad idea but it helped keep the example really simple.  In these
examples I’ve broken out the stylesheet information into individual .css files
and will illustrate a few different layouts using the exact same HTML used in my
previous example (sans the STYLE tag of course).

I’ve created both left
and right
column layouts using the exact same HTML that I used from my original example. 
The difference with these pages is that I’ve hidden the column that I don’t want
on the page while the DIV for the column remains in the HTML and the CSS
dictates that it’s not displayed nor does it consume space.  Additionally, I’ve
made the left/right column fixed width which is probably more consistent with a
typical website layout.

[Update: Feb 14, 2007] If you’re reading this on this site is based on the CSS three column layout discussed above.