Microsoft Surface looks very impressive

Dan Miser’s has already mentioned it but Microsoft Surface was announced today and looks very, very interesting. I can envision lots of applications of this technology though I’ve read a $10K price point obviously putting it well out of reach for the average Joe at least for the time being even though the videos portray it being used in a home setting.

I’d like to see this kind of technology applied to software development and can imagine a bunch of developers sitting around the table and actually sketching out UML, designing forms or Popfly mashups. I’ll be interested in reading a Tom’s Hardware type of review of the device.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface looks very impressive

  1. I had a feeling of deja-vu when watching the demo videos.
    Jeff Han demonstrated something very similar in February 2006 at the TED conference. There’s a video on the site of his company.

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