Microsoft Script Debugger breaking on a JavaScript ParseDoc function caused by IE Developer toolbar

Recently, I installed AutomatedQA‘s TestComplete (TC) in preparation for a training session I’ll be giving on October 29th. TC requires the Microsoft Script debugger (MSD) for debugging so installing that is a requirement. The problem I ran into was that after installing the script debugger I started seeing MSD popping up on an exception in a routine called “ParseDoc”. Unfortunately, there was no filename and no indicator of where the message came from. At first, I tried checking the Disable script debugging (other) option from IE’s Internet Options which unfortunately, that made no difference. I figured it must have something to do with my installed add-ons and after perusing the list I immediately guessed it was IE Developer Toolbar. Bingo.

After a bit of spelunking it turns out there are essentially four options:

  1. Uninstall IE Developer Toolbar
  2. This post with a hack to edit IE Dev Toolbar with a resource editor and add a blank try catch block around the line in question.
  3. Disable the IE Developer Toolbar BHO as follows:
    1. From IE7 select Tools|Manage Add-ons|Enable or Disable Add-ons
    2. Select IE Developer Toolbar BHO in the list, click Disable then OK
  4. My personal favorite, use Firefox.

Of course, the last option renders the add-on practically useless but it’s quick and painless. I’m using version 1.00.2188.0 of IE Dev Toolbar which has been out for awhile which makes even more annoying this problem hasn’t been addressed.