Microsoft delivers "Feature Packed" update to Visual C++ 2008

Microsoft just announced the release of Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack which, albeit a bit late arriving, includes an impressive feature list:

  • Look & feel support for…
    • MS Office
    • Visual Studio
    • Internet Explorer
  • Visual Studio Docking
  • Auto hide windows
  • Vista theme support
  • Menu/toolbar customization
  • Shell management and more

If all this stuff is as good as it sounds it would appear Microsoft finally delivered on what Steve Teixeira said they were going to do. To top it all off the whole thing is a free download. I wonder if/when they’ll do the same for WinForms. Btw, I’d imagine this will make a few third party component vendors squirm a bit.

[UPDATE: April 10, 2008] Changed the wording of the last sentence to clarify that I meant “component” vendors based on Oliver’s comment where I think he implies that I meant CodeGear which was not the case.