Making the BDS component palette work a little more like Delphi 7

Since the advent of BDS the palette has been rather hotly debated item and Andreas Hausladen even went so far as to implement the old style palette for BDS. With the introduction of the new component palette in BDS there were some subtle and not so subtle changes to its behavior. One of the changes was the introduction of what’s referred to as “Palette Wizards”. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the feature largely because I feel it “overloads” the palette with toolbar like functionality and thus can be confusing. That said, there are ways to change this behavior and I’m not sure these settings are obvious. So, if you’d like some of the D7 style component palette consistency back you can set the following options:

  • Select Tools|Options…
  • Click Tool Palette in the treeview
  • Under Features uncheck “Show Palette Wizards” and check Always Show Designer Items