Macbook Pro motherboard had to be replaced

I left my MBP at the Apple store in the Domain Shopping Center in Austin, TX and 12 days later it arrived back at my house. It appears that the motherboard may have been replaced though it’s rather hard to tell since the only information I was given on the repair was that it was not covered as I previously had guessed and the part number given was 605-1793 with the remark PCBA,MLB,2.4GHZ,REV2. Now, I’m not exactly sure where that leaves me with regard to the latest round of NVidia problems that were brought to light last week. I will say it’s not at all satisfying that the only two Macs I’ve had experience with have needed motherboard replacements a mere few months after the one year warrantee expired. I’ll also admit I’m not a big fan of Apple’s lack of details regarding repairs. The status site didn’t provide any insight as to the repair time, it only stated parts had to be ordered, nor did it provide any return shipping information for tracking purposes. Apple doesn’t seem to be big on details with anything like iPod updates, OSX security updates, iTunes updates and on and on. It seems the only thing you’ll get updates about are new products.

Anyway, I still like the MBP as a laptop though it’s the only one I’ve ever used full time. One last note, the switching of the motherboard has causes a few unusual tweaks in Vista that were unexpected though not terribly annoying to deal with.