MacBook Pro logic board failure makes me 0-2 with Macs less than 18 months

Last week I was in Austin, TX at a clients site and my MBP was sitting on a table running Windows Vista when it went to into sleep mode which is very normal. What wasn’t normal was the fact that it never made it out of sleep mode. I hard reset it and tried to boot it again but it never made its normal chime sound and I was unable to get it to boot into either OSX or Vista. I tried a PRAM reset and several other incantations including, among other things, a reset with the battery removed and reseating the RAM all to no avail. That left me with out a machine for three days out of a five day contract and now I’m hoping it will show up by tomorrow.

You may recall I recently blogged about our Mac Mini which died within 18 months of purchase. Now, for me this doesn’t bode well for Apple. I’m basically 0-2 when it comes to Macs lasting more than 18 months which I think is terrible. I’m writing this on a Dell which I’ve never had a problem with that’s 6 years old and I have another Dell that’s pushing 12 years old and still running.

In the case of this MBP, it’s a $300 repair job and I had to give permission for the drive to essentially be erased. I know for a fact that it’s not the drive because I sat in the Austin Apple store for 2 hours pulling files off of it onto my iPod Touch using (the most excellent) AirSharing app. Anyway, at this point while I think the MBP is an excellent laptop otherwise I’m seriously not impressed with Apple’s quality control. Granted the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini are certainly different than your standard Desktop machine with ample cooling but less than 18 months of uptime??

Update I should clarify that I had to sign knowing that I might get the machine back without any of my data, not that it would be intentionally wiped clean. One more thing, if you buy a Mac be sure to buy Apple Care unfortuantely it’s not just a gimmick it’s really needed.

Update #2 According to Apple’s service status web site a replacement part has to be ordered so hoping for the machine to show up tomorrow just went out the window. The genius in the store said "5 days but probably sooner" and that was last Wednesday.

Update #3 Apple has released this note that I’d guess most likely accounts for the problem with my laptop. Found on Gizmodo. Sounds like the repair might actually be free.

6 thoughts on “MacBook Pro logic board failure makes me 0-2 with Macs less than 18 months

  1. ugh..and here I am thinking of moving away from PC and going to Mac because I seriously don’t want to go to Vista.

  2. Actually once you get used to it (and once you have disabled all the fancy crap like UAC etc) Vista isn’t that bad…
    The only thing I really miss, is that a lot of older Win95 games don’t work anymore…

  3. Hey Steve,
    In addition to purchasing Apple care, purchase your Apple hardware directly from an Apple store. When you order it from a store you can return it for many reasons. When you order it online it is much more difficult.

  4. Also be sure to register you Mac and check the registration when you’re in the store. When I took my Mac Mini to the store it was registered to someone else which makes me think the machine I bought directly from the Apple store was in fact a refurbished unit though I had no way to prove it. When the employee checked the machine appeared to have a whole history which surprised them. To "correct" it they just changed the registration to me.

  5. Well…. I think I will simply avoid the Mac… again.
    Throughout my career, most of my work has depended upon an open hardware environment, which has saved me untold dozens of delightful Mac experiences, I am sure. The PC certainly has issues, but for the foreseeable future, I will take it over the Mac.

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