Looking for ideas to help Public Schools

Over the last eleven months I’ve focused a great deal of time and energy on issues related to the public schools here in Scotts Valley. Like many districts throughout California, Scotts Valley has suffered years of consecutive cuts pushing the limits of how to deliver the quality of education the district is known for. Having cut practically all but essential services there remains no choice but to reduce the quality of education. The only option provided by California law for raising local funds for schools is a parcel tax and of the 26 such measures on November’s ballot only two passed.  

My reason for posting here is to find parents facing similar problems, share stories and look for ideas. After educating myself on the myriad of challenges facing the district I started a new blog and launched Organizing for Scotts Valley Schools patterned after ideas found in $g(Organizing for America). I’m particularly interested in hearing about experience with $g(Charter Schools).

So, feel free to post comments, contact me or leave me voicemail. I’d like to hear your thoughts.